About us

Founding and development
The orphanage was established in 2007 by Joseph Baani, the pastor of the Assemblies of God Church Nalerigu. As he grew up as an orphan himself, he knows about the fate of these children: growing up without a father and with relatives that can hardly feed the children because of poverty. Although he had no funds available, he saw himself in the responsibility to help the needy children of the village. He rented a traditional Ghanaian house where initially three employees cared for 17 children.

In May 2011 the orphanage was reconstructed into a Feeding Center. To maintain and strengthen the bond between the children and their biological families, they remain in the orphanage during the day and take their meals there. In the evening they go to their families where they spend the night and leave for school the next morning. Consequently the maintenance of the children is guaranteed, they must not completely abandon their home environment and the emotional bond with the family members remains. This is very important for their further development.


The orphanage
The children spend the day in a Ghanaian traditional house compound, consisting of six rooms. Two storage rooms for food, firewood, school supplies, etc., one kitchen room to prepare the food and three bedrooms and storage rooms for the children. Recently, there is a toilet facility next to the feeding center. There is no electricity and no running water. The water for bathing, cooking and drinking is taken once a day by a donkey cart. For the evening hours battery-powered lamps are available.

Leaving their families or relatives in the morning the children go to school which is just five minutes away from the Feeding Center. In the lunch break the children eat their lunch in the orphanage and then go back to their lessons. The late afternoon and early evening the kids spend at the Feeding Center where four workers and volunteers from all over the world take care of them. After dinner they leave the Feeding Center for their families of origin where they pass the night. In our opinion a close link to the families is very important to strengthen the relationship with each other. The families biggest problem is to feed their children. By the concept of the Centre Feeding diet, education and clothing of the children is assured, but the children can remain in the family and sustain their close bond to them.


The Children
Our Feeding Center currently accommodates 18 children, five boys and 13 girls. The children are between four and ten years old, among them there are three pairs of siblings. Most of them have no more fathers and live with their mothers, grandmothers or other family members who lack the financial means to provide adequate means for the children. All children attend school in Nalerigu, which is located only few minutes away from the orphanage. Each child has a health insurance, which must be renewed annually.


Children are cared for in the orphanage of four employees.